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Palavia PixelBot Palladium

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Announces (also in NEWS/FB/Forum): Today 25.03.2016 banwave, our pixelbot undetectable !!

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PixelBot Palladium free version is safe, but we recommend for premium version with safety features :)

kBot, kerkava, kOpenStealth, PBDO-BOT OFF, will be updated ONLY WHEN ARE SAFE→ read here

We accept SMS Mobile payments ! INSTANT !

and other world-wide tickets, voucher, prepaid card.

We dont accept PSC anymore, use local tickets etc

bestbots.ro wishes you a Happy Easter !

There are some changes in license system, read here for info.

PROMOTION PRICE for some accounts, if you dont like the price, tell us how much you offer ;)

If you come from JABBER → make google where is jabber saved, read here

If lower uridium read our advice document, also combine with kOpenStealth to palladium

You need best tool for battles ? Try kerkava, now unlimited !

We need to wait until bot is safe to use it again, every packet move is detected now, please be patient.

BANWAVE 25.07.2013 - READ here

kerkava “update error”, stay on loading soon fix,                   kBot - try for GG (if work) or map where he dont jump often, kOS - use palladium

we are aware of reconnection, will be fixed soon, dont spam

    → Make your PRICE OFFER for account 2

CUSTOMER CN may work bad (license server), try more → you can meet reconnecting issue (or license error)

because of this time to time, please do not email, cant help, wait for solution or try more


BIG DISSCOUNT`S TO SOME ACCOUNTS (click me) !!!!! Until 23 november.