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 kBot 7.34

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 kerkava 30.15

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 kOpenStealth 2.03

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 Bot Service

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depends on kBot

 PixelBot Palladium

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Announces (also in NEWS/FB/Forum): If you come from JABBER → make google where is jabber saved, read here

If lower uridium read our advice document, also combine with kOpenStealth to palladium

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Today 13.01.2014 banwave, our pixelbot undetectable !!!!

As many of you tested our latest kerkava, it is still detectable, same apply to kBot and kOS → read here

So we have now a safe PIXEL based bot for palladium, please test it for free, and read all info about it.

We need to wait until bot is safe to use it again, every packet move is detected now, please be patient.

BANWAVE 25.07.2013 - READ here

kerkava “update error”, stay on loading soon fix,                   kBot - try for GG (if work) or map where he dont jump often, kOS - use palladium

we are aware of reconnection, will be fixed soon, dont spam

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CUSTOMER CN may work bad (license server), try more → you can meet reconnecting issue (or license error)

because of this time to time, please do not email, cant help, wait for solution or try more


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