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Founded in 2010, we have a history for best and trusted reseller for www.darkorbit.com games from Bigpoint (registered trademark)

We started with UDOBot, a small and light bot, no one believes that bot exist in that time even when we bot.

The big deal was when kBot appeared in same year September 2010, a very polished bot that did npc, box and gates. Made by Ivan, a well known russian guy. We started to offer sales world-wide and best support, we were no.1 of selling and supporting our customers despite was a good competition back then.

Few months later in January 2011 kerkava appeared, an auto-lock tool for battles featuring RSB Mixer, seeing invisible ships, seeing diplomacy and more.

In August 2012 was kOpenstealth, an auto-lock tool, about the same features like kerkava but way better + collecting palladium.

19 September 2012, memorable for darkorbit users, finally Bigpoint is doing something against bots, they have encrypted the protocols, which made a life hard a bit for developers.

Few days later in 25 September 2012, bots developer have been cracked the Bigpoint encrypted protocols. What a shame.

March 2013, we proudly present to you new advanced bot, using task files in order to act like human, called PBDO-Bot.

But in short time in middle year of 2013 Bigpoint take huge responsibility and made a script to detect all bots, and they finally succeed.

In December 2013 we declared all packets bots obsolete, and waiting for a new way to be undetectable.

In same month and meanwhile appeared more pixel-bots, which obviously are not detectable, but we preferred only Palavia bot, less bugged and always updated, until today we sell and support Palavia pixel-bot palladium.

In 2017, 1st January (despite we tested 2 months before in secret) DOB was released, same developers from PBDO-Bot, a Layer 4 TCP on the OSI layer model, typical known as "packet bot" working in background.

2017, 13 May Bigpoint obtained an interim order against v5dev DOB in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Despite of it, DOB is still alive and updateing, but no longer sell and support for Germany country.

2017, 19 August v5dev no longer support official reselling because of Germany law assisted by Bigpoint. We dont stop and we still sell the product and support it by our own, for free work in respect for our customers (no more discount from DOB to us)

2017, 15 December, we decided to stop supporting an sell DOB for good reasons.

2017, 21 December v5dev decided to end the project of DOB in 30 December 2017 and to refund all remaining licenses after that period.

Bigpoint did not succeed until today to detect DOB.

2018 May bestbots proudly to present new products in market thanks to Bonge<>

Vertex BOT and TOOL, does not work with packets like a packet bot and it does also not modify any game files. This bot/tool is based on a new 'technology' or what you'd call it, which Bonge<> developed and is something that has never been used for any bot/tool before in Darkorbit. He doesnt want to get in details how it works, but he say that it 'simply' injects some code into the browser with which you are playing the game, and that way it can retrieve data about what is going on in the game. Any input for the game is sent via actual mouse/keyboard events. And as it all works on a native level it is certainly not something that can easily be detected directly via Flash, if at all, which technically makes this bot/tool very safe. The bot/tool has been tested for 20+ months so far with no bans since this announce.

2019 June, palavia developed a new pixel-bot for NPC and boxes, called BoX8, specially designed for   x-8 maps but will do the trick to other maps too.

2019, 19 September, Bigpoint Darkorbit introduced a new system called “Dminishing Returns”  and quote them “The longer a player is online, the less rewards the player gets. Usual players with „normal“ online times won’t be affected. This is an update that includes anti-botting mechanics.”

This system affects all players, bot or normal player. Play less, pay more. Something like that.

2020, Celebrating 10 years of Darkorbit bots, the best, the safest, the longest.

Contest here.

2020, 11 November, Darkorbit from Bigpoint made some changes to “Dminishing Returns”, and added Anti-AI verification for players that have been playing for a long period, so called captcha boxes. Read more here.

Last official banwave registered by BP:

- 09.09.2020 banwave, our bots undetectable !!


Bots are automated or semi-automated softwares that carry out repetitive and mundane tasks in order to maintain your account in darkorbit. The program that makes your game experience, credits and most important galaxy gates and uridium.

Why do you still wasting your time when this program is doing all for you? Why to loose lives struggling yourself to do a galaxy gate when you are tired.. we all know how boring is to make a gate or to play for leveling up or for uridium, we have the solution for you, our bots/tools/services.

Why put money in MEGA HAPPY HOUR, when you can put the bot to collect automatically bonus boxes or killing NPCs for uridium. (100 euro mega = 990.000 Uridium, with the bot in a week you collect at least 500.000 uridium or more if you bot only 12/7)

The software is a reverse engineered headless game client when it comes to communicating with the official website or one of the official game server instances.

Therefore the bot has full knowledge about it's surroundings and itself. Like resources, boxes, NPCs, players, jumpgates, the ships own equipment, everything.

This website is not associated with Bigpoint GmbH and our bots / tools / services may be against their TOS/EULA.

We have replaced our mail for support & payments, old kbotdarkorbit@yahoo.com (since 2010-2018) with new mail bestbotsro@yahoo.com (2018 september).

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