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What bot should I buy ?? Differences and comparison between all bots / tools

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Palavia palladium


Botting services


  • ease of use

  • live settings

  • best for palladium

  • you can use on multiple darkorbit accounts (not bind to USERID)

  • you can interfere on game directly if needed, because using the browser map interface

  • kill npc 5-2

  • get advice document (soon)

  • 6 months license for cheap price

  • always ONLINE (unless darkorbit make visual changes to the game)

  • you are notified by mail when you die, bot stuck, statistics

  • ease of use

  • background bot (packet bot), multitasking allowed

  • live settings

  • best for GG gates

   • multi-accounts simultaneous (depends on license type)

   • best for npc

  • get advice document (soon)

  • best for bonus box

  • works in 2D and 3D

  • best if you are gone in vacation or multitasking (make task to do npc, after that palladium, after that boxes, after that gates)

  • all from DOB ++

  • you dont need license

  • you dont spend time

  • you dont need to turn on your pc


  • pixel-bot, you cant do multi-tasking on your computer

  • need specific visual settings in darkorbit in order to work (to can detect items by scanning the screen images), works in 2D for best

  • OFFLINE when darkorbit update their client game, sometimes happens 5 times/week (you will get the hours lost until update!!!)

  • price

  • you cannot interfere directly, you need to login to game, until then you may be killed by player

  • as complex it is, it may have bugs (which usually are fixed fast)

  • none

You need our opinion?

All our products have FREE UPDATES and free support if you are bestbots customer.

So we recommend to you to buy Ultimate Bot Package which includes: (-) buy (-)

- Palavia pixel-bot palladium 6 months     → 5 euro* (or 6 euro with email notify)

- DOB Silver 30 days license                   → 15 euro*

You pay 20 euro** for this licenses, and you have the perfect solution in DarkOrbit game, you will never need any other bot/tool.

With 100 euro at MHH DarkOrbit Shop you get 1.000.000 uridium, with our bots/tools you will earn this sum in maximum 2 weeks. (professional way 1 week)

*Prices for PayPal, Western Union and Bank Transfer (for paysafecard differ)

**Check bestbots offer`s, you may get bots/tools cheaper !