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Before all, if bots/tools are not working, check manually in game to see if darkorbit works, check all the time the website to see if new version are available, and always check the STATUS from our website or within bot/tool software.

Q: How I start / run Pixel-Bot Palladium ?

A: Follow the steps from this link.

Q: How I buy a license for Pixel-Bot Palladium ?

A: Very simple, follow the steps from this link.

Q: How I move a license for Pixel-Bot Palladium ?

A: You can move 2 times free on a different computer / laptop / virtual machine per license, contact us.

(Old permanent licenses cannot be moved)

Q: Why I get error "FATAL COM Error" ?

A: Using the old version of bot OR you block with antivirus / firewall / spyware / proxy.

After you found what is blocking it, you might need to reinstall again but in different folder by redownloading the archive.

You may also try to reinstall Windows.

Q: Why the bot keep opening and closing menus without start collecting and cant find minimap ?

A: Make sure hotkey for hide menus is still on “H” and disable chat, also make sure minimap is opened before start the bot.

And make sure browser zoom is 100% (the windows app scale must be be at 100%, for Win8 and Win10)

Q: Why I get error "An Internet Connection is Required" ?

A: Most probably you use Internet from Campus or USB stick etc, anyway the problem is at your internet provider. You can try to connect with smartphone hotspot or another connection, will work. (Also your router can block it)

Q: Why it say that "I am missing a DLL update" ?

A: Your antivirus deleted some files, please add the bot folder to exception on your antivirus (google it) OR it cannot execute some files because you dont extract the archive, please extract the zip archive, unrar it (password: bestbots)

Q: How do I "PAUSE" or "START" the bot ?

A: For PAUSE use keyboard hotkey Page Down or SHIFT + P, for START use hotkey TAB, for other hotkeys open bot and go to HELP.

Q: Why my antivirus "see this bot as virus" ?

A: The bot is obfuscated to avoid cracking it, more antiviruses see this as virus. You can add it to exception to avoid such problems.

Read more here.

Q: Why I cant use anymore my bot after "Windows 10 big update" and say error “you dont have permision to use it on this computer”?

A: The update may change your HWID (system ID), contact us to move the bot to your current HWID.

Q: What bugs does this bot have ?

A: Check the link over here.

Q: Got a new question / problem ?

A: Contact us, this FAQ will be updated. You may check also the forum !