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Hi folkz,

It seems nobody care what I told in instructions, so I will repeat again here to warn you.
http://www.bestbots.ro/how_to_run_newer ... rkava.html

Like I said, when you buy a license.. you buy to your CUSTOMER ID. There you will activate your license, even if you are banned the license remain there.

The RED number ( CUSTOMER ID, CLIENT ID ) is given by your JABBER account, when you make an jabber account and put there in USER/PIN.

So, I repeat, DO NOT EVER GIVE TO ANYBODY YOUR JABBER USER AND PIN !!!!!!!!!, even to your friends, to anybody if you care for your license.

DO NOT FORGET YOUR USER/PIN from JABBER, nobody can give your account back, only you know what is your USER/PIN
You will not loose the license if you forget the JABBER, make new JABBER and log in normally to kbot or kerkava, it will work, but you will never can move your license.

What you can do in your control center (on your CUSTOMER ID or your JABBER account...)
- you can activate a license to your USERID / SHIPID
- you can move a license to another USERID / SHIPID
- if you don`t have the USERID / SHIPID on your CUSTOMER, just login on kbot (or kerkava, what you need) and will be moved automatically ONLY if the license is expired or demo

What you can`t do?
- nobody can`t move a license to another control center (CUSTOMER or another JABBER account)
- nobody can delete a license
- you can`t activate kBot to USERID with kerkava expired or demo (busted error)

So if you give your JABBER account to another person, he can move your license to his USERID on your CUSTOMER ID. SO KEEP THE ACCOUNT FOR YOURSELF

If you have problems with forget or stealing your jabber, you may try here:
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