Halloween event 2015 - Tunnel of terror gate

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Halloween event 2015 - Tunnel of terror gate

Postby Admin » 21 Oct 2015, 20:12

Ok, I did 3 gates `till now, but last 2 I was counting them, so here are real facts:

What you spend:

VENOM + MOTH + Seprom 35 LF4 lvl 16 without premium (or kami)

x3 250.000
plt2021 2000
eco10 4300

// total time 3h 33m

What you get:
uri 84.883
credits 139.506.702 cr

(this may be random for you) Designs:
5 Silver Skull
5 Silver Reaper
4 Silver Robo-bat
10 Demon Drone design epic

The gate is pretty easy, just to not have lag.
The wave with a lot of uber sibelons, 1 uber lorkadium, 1 uber klon, 1 ufo, it easy to make first uber lordakium, then uber klon, then ufo and the rest.

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