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resources needed for killing Blighted NPC -> QZ

go ahead and help everyone
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resources needed for killing Blighted NPC -> QZ

Post by admin » 15 Dec 2019, 20:25

resources needed for killing Blighted Gygerthrall and Blighted Kristallon in x-7 map
all of this are approximate for 1 hour of working
cyborg ship, conf2 full speed + 6shields in drone, and the rest prometheus lasers:

seprom + double DMG, consume:
x4 - 75.000
plt - 750
ubr - 1500


150-165 hybrid alloy box = ~5 QZ gates

prometid + double DMG, consume:
x3 - 38.640
x4 - 38.160
sab - 4.163
total lasers: ~82.500
plt - 758
ubr - 1465

135-150 hybrid alloy box = ~4-5 QZ gates

If you have 1.000.000 lasers upgraded, you can run the bot 10 hours straight (even 12h it will cover, but we calculate with booster time) for farming hybrid alloy box, then switch profile to box/or pause for DR/ etc

In CUSTOM EVENTS you can set that.

For Diminishing Rewards:
• Blighted Kristallon:
Credits 500,000 - Uridium 150
EP 65,000 - Honor 300

• Blighted Gygerthrall:
Credits 18,800 - Uridium 24
EP 9,400 - Honor 45

I get DR with no bonus box, after ~1h 45 min, to 19 uri and 120 uri. (12.500 uri/h, with prometid combination)
and the last 15 minutes (of 10hours botting) I get 14 uri and 90 uri
(p.s. when I tested, I also collected GIFT box.. that may affect the time to get DR)

Another test without boxes, I get DR after ~5hours, to 19 uri and 120 uri.

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