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Formations & Ships - Balancing_Patch_2

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Formations & Ships - Balancing_Patch_2

Post by admin » 14 Jun 2018, 10:47

Source: ... -2.122189/

Cyborg Ship-

HP was changed from 286,000 to 265,000
Nanohull was changed from 286,000 to 265,000
Cooldown was changed from 180 to 270

Hammerclaw ship-

Speed was changed from 290 to 310
Rocket launcher slots changed from 2 to 1
HP bonus changed from 20% to 25%
Repair pod-
Duration was changed from 15 to 10
Healing was changed from 25,000 to 17,500
Shield repair-
Duration from 4 to 3
Healing from 20,000(own) to 40,000(own) and 32,000(target) to 60,000(target)

Sentinel ship-

Fortress Ability
Duration changed from 10 to 35
Cooldown changed from 20 to 180

Heart Formation-

Shield Bonus from 10% to 20%

Double arrow formation-

Rocket damage from None to 30%

Crab formation-

Speed reduction from 20% to 15%

Chevron formation-

Rocket damage from 50% to 65%

Star formation-

Evasion from none to 10%

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