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This is a pixel bot based, that means you cannot use your computer when it runs, because he will use your mouse and screen, not like a packet bot. You can instead, if you have a good computer, to make a virtual machine and run it there, but you will need Windows 7/10 in order to working and a very good PC. (In virtual machine the performance of bot is affected, and is considered another PC)

The license have free updates, the license is bind to your computer, so do not use the license on another computer. You can use any darkorbit accounts with your license but only on the computer where you bought or you can move the license 2 times in 6 months for free.

WARNING: Please install the premium version only in the PC where you bought license, otherwise the license will be blocked automatically. If you reinstall windows, just use the .rar archive from email and register again in SAME COMPUTER.

This bot has a lot of functions and is very complex for a pixel bot, you may encounter some bugs when using it, try to not enable all things all the time, enable one by one after each testing. Anyway all will be solved with time, but may appear new ones.. So be patient.

THIS BOT WAS DESIGNED for x-8 MAP, x-1 & x-2, but can work on other maps too (you can encounter bugs in other maps), depends on your ship. We recommend AEGIS with DIAMOND formation or a STRONG SHIP with laser power for best uridium/hour, because you get constant hit from NPC and the bot can use abilities for repair or kill them fast. (This bot dont circle NPC)

The performance of this bot is rated by your speed ship (better put all engines), laser power, your computer and internet (min 30FPS).

The bot is still under development so you may encounter bugs, please report to us ASAP.

Killing on the others maps will needs the aliens to be selectable in the bot’s menu and to be persecuted until they are killed... So it may be added in near future.


1. Collect box.

2. Automatic use PET for collecting (need to have autolooter gear equiped)

3. Repair ship - the bot go to repair point ( if it’s selected ) when its life is under 35%.

4. Switch configuration when your shield is depleted and use that configuration too until repaired, but his working configuration will be the one in which you start the bot.

5. Kill all npc, except BL, ICE, and other event npc

6. Program is automatically updated when it is necessary and free.

7. Auto reconnect if internet connection is lost or if the servers restarts.

8. Can shoot aliens and collect boxes in the same time.

9. Revive if your ship is killed (repair in base for now)

10. Hitting the Pause will stop the bot and will move the ship to repair point ( if it’s selected ).

11. Added option: “One shoot – one kill”. For faster catching the next target. Works for lower maps and for enough strong ships

12. Revive/Repair PET

13. Using the abilities of the AEGIS ( they should be placed in some of the hotkeys (1-10) or just be visible )

14. The bot will escape to repair point ( if it’s selected ) when it saw the enemy player ( any from others companies ) and will wait there the time which is selected for a break after reviving.

15. If the Repair Point is selected over any portal then if the bot is escaping from enemy it will jump when reach it and come back to wait

16. SAB Changer

17. Added all maps. For now only the same company of the player. “PVP” means 4-x, again the same company. When the ship is killed the bot will revive it and move through the maps to the desired one (travel alone) selected in the bot’s menu.

18. New SAFETY Options (accept, ignore or deny group/outfit request, move ship from main screen (not minimap), use custom position of minimap and ship window, and more)

19. Collecting and other function much more improved

20. Added a Booty collecting (Green, Yellow, Blue, Red).

• NEW FEATURE! Now the bot will make a log with all your kills (by screenshots) so you can check who and when shoot you! It will be cleaned in each starts of the bot.

For option EMAIL NOTIFY:

20. Email notify ( to the registered email of the premium user ) in every 1 hour – the email will contain all statistic like collect, dead, revive, maybe fuel of the pet.....

21. Email notify when the ship is killed – the email will contain info about how many times it’s killed, when it will start again and by which hangar or spot.

22. Email notify when the bot is stuck for some reason.

23. When your pet is killed

24. When your time for bot is done

25. When your computer will turn off


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