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This bot need some user experience, if you dont know how to use it please watch our instructions and videos.

You can program the bot to do NPC couple of hours, then go to collect some boxes, after that why not some palladium and eventually if some gates are opened to make them also.

This bot has a lot of functions and is very complex, you may encounter some bugs when using it, try to not enable all features in first place, enable one by one after each testing. Anyway all will be solved with time, but may appear new ones.. So be patient. A lot of features depends on user how you properly set it and on your ship configuration.


WORKS IN 2D and 3D (customers report 2D works better overall)

• Beautiful and easy to use GUI, and light software

Box collector (Bonus Boxes, Event Boxes, Pirate Boxes, Booty keys, hybrid alloy box etc)

NPC Hunting: Hunt NPCs on x-1 to x-8 map, pvp and 4-5 (including in 5-x pirates NPC !!!)

PET: guard mode, auto looter, resource collector, enemy locator (go exactly for npc selected), kamikaze in gates etc

Galaxy GATES: the bot can finish alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, kappa, lambda, kuiper, kronos, hades, Quarantie-Zone, LoW, Tunnel of Terror, Cold Wave, Eternal, Gauntlet of Plutus (for now, some of them are still in BETA stage)

GG Spinner: automatically spin the extra energy or by uridium for automatically open and finish gates without human intervention

QUESTS (missions): Automatic completion of active quests, BETA stage (dont buy to relay on it)

Statistics: Draws nice graphs, so you can optimize your settings to get the most out of the bot!

Drone Formations: Set different Drone Formations for different situations

• Multiple Sessions: Run the bot on multiple accounts at the same time, runs in the background

No UID lock: Switch darkorbit accounts as much as you like :)

Human Behaviour: Flees from enemies, idles at gate, real-world-inspired movement system to mimic human players when fighting and flying

• Repair after Death: Automatically repair after death using only the repair options you configured

• Pathfinder: Just set your map and the bot automatically find its way there :)

• Traveling using the Star System

Task System (timetable)

Custom Events: press X key when Y action happens, with this option you can use your imagination and automate your bot as you please

Upgrade tool: upgradeing your lasers/generators etc

Group (outfit): accept, deny, ignore, shoot same npc, follow leader,  etc

• Flees and jumps from enemies in sight

Skylab: automatic upgrade modules, transfer seprom, promerium, prometid

Palladium collector and sell via 5-2

• Remember attackers

• Automatic reconnect

• Stop after x deaths

• Whitelist for friendly players, or blacklist (+ Flee only from blacklisted players)

• Use ability when fleeing from enemy

• Avoids Clan Battle Stations

• Tech Builder

• Configurable NPC ranges

• Automatic reload of the game to save ram memory

• Configurable ammo-type for each type of NPC

• Config and drone formation settings (Attacking, flying, fleeing)

• Game map overview with statistics

Works in the background

• Auto-saving of all settings (live settings)

Emulate darkorbit stand-alone browser, and yes can collect flowers.

• Cubikon Graveyard (???) Map Traveller

• Cubikon mode

hangar ship switch, use different ships with different profiles, ex for collect spearhead, for npc solace, all automated via timetable

• logic for handling captcha boxes (anti-bot measures)

AND MORE – under construction


How to buy

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How to run/start the product and System requirements

Video tutorials

More presentation videos about the product

Video short demonstration: (the current version may have more features)

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