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IMPORTANT)  There is no trial version because of security. Works on 64 bit only !

You will receive the download of bot and all instructions after payment is done and follow the STEP 1 and STEP 2 down here on this page.

If you are new to this product, please read before buy —>  more info here + video.

For another payment methods, scroll down in this page.

Official prices PayPal (credit card):

1 Session license 30 days / one (1) acc simultaneous / 15 EUR

1 Session 60 days / one (1) acc simultaneous / 26 EUR 30 EUR

1 Session 90 days / one (1) acc simultaneous / 38 EUR 45 EUR

2 Session license 30 days / two (2) darkorbit account running simultaneous / 26 EUR 30 EUR

2 Session 60 days / two (2) acc simultaneous / 48 EUR 60 EUR

2 Session 90 days / two (2) acc simultaneous / 62 EUR 90 EUR

4 Session license 30 days / four (4) darkorbit account running simultaneous / 50 EUR 60 EUR

4 Session 60 days / four (4) acc simultaneous / 70 EUR 120 EUR

4 Session 90 days / four (4) acc simultaneous / 90 EUR 180 EUR

|-------------------------------------------------------------short notice----------------------------------------------------------------|

* if you buy with paypal you can buy from every country with your currency, it will automatically convert for euro money.. just use the button from paypal

** license is not bind to USERID, so you can run 1 (one) to unlimited DIFFERENT darkorbit accounts whenever you want but not simultaneous. (depends on license type) *** 2-4 Session license, you can run the accounts in different folders at the same time or different computers (if you run all 4 on your pc, make sure you have strong PC)

|-------------------------------------------------------------short notice----------------------------------------------------------------|

STEP 1) What you must do for getting the license?

Make the payment, then send email with: (to kbotdarkorbit@yahoo.com )

• just forward the email with the payment from paypal to our mail, OR your paypal name or paypal email

Example: Hi I bought a Vertex BOT 1Session 30 days license with example@email.com

STEP 2) What to do after payment is done?

After your payment is done and contacted us like STEP 1, you will receive emails with your license code, instructions for activation and download of the bot (bear in mind that you need to make an vertex account registration where license will be saved, this instructions will be on mail also) Read the whole mail to be informed for our services of free stuff.

Note: The whole transaction is conducted at maximum of 6 hours (24 hours for western, 2-3 days for bank transfer), you can insist on mail if you didn't received any mail from us after 12 hours! Sometimes the license is activate within 5 minutes :)

With new method of activation it depends also from customers, if you send email with all instructions given, will go fast.

Sometimes the mail goes to SPAM / BULK directory, please check there too.

We can REFUND (or correct your mistakes) with no questions asked in maximum 48 hours. (do not dispute)

Another methods of PAYMENT:

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