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This tool need some user experience, if you dont know how to use it please watch our instructions and videos.

You can program the tool to do whatever suits you the best.

This tool has a lot of functions and is very complex, you may encounter some bugs when using it, try to not enable all features in first place, enable one by one after each testing. Anyway all will be solved with time, but may appear new ones.. So be patient. A lot of features depends on user how you properly set it and on your ship configuration.


• Beautiful and easy to use GUI, and light software

• Built-in resizable and clickable minimap

• Show target's HP/Shield/Nanohull / player names

Mark enemy ships & friendly players on minimap

• Show selected types of NPCs & collectables resources

• Auto targeting for NPCs and players (auto-lock including cloaked ships)

Target lowest HP or lowest HP + Shield options

• Customizable hotkeys for auto target, rsb changer etc

• Diplomacy Feature (Replacing the Radar CPU)

RSB Changer (Mixer)

• Whitelisting of players/clans to prevent targeting friendly users and ability to see who are friendly and who are not

• Show total amount of NPCs, useful in Galaxy Gates (or near your ship in any map)

windows OS 64 bit (Windows 7 and above)

AND MORE – under construction


How to buy

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How to run/start the product and System requirements

Video tutorials

More presentation videos about the product

Video short demonstration: (the current version may have more features)

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