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Please check the prices for what product you wish to purchase, down here in this page.

For buying with BITCOIN follow the instructions:

1. Find the price of the product you want to purchase

2. Enter the price into the converter to find the equivalent amount of bitcoin that has to be sent

3. Send the amount to the following Bitcoin (BTC) address: bc1qp5u6n72ead8ymnrqrnvvhmppuz2pwarnp2tf8u

4. Send an email to contact@vertex-tools.space with the sent bitcoin amount + time and date of payment + your wallet address

Note: this is still experimental, so prices may be corrected. You will know when we do so and will be affected only on new payments.

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Vertex BOT - 1 Session 30 days


Vertex BOT - 2 Session 30 days


Vertex BOT - 4 Session 30 days


Vertex TOOL - 30 days


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