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Why some of our products are detected by Antivirus ?? but SAFE

Posted: 21 Jun 2018, 08:54
by admin
As you can see the detection rate is X out 68 for some of our products. Does the programs contain a virus?
No. Why it has that many detections?:
1.- Unknown program
2.- Program written on autoit, which is a language which is commonly used for create some virus
3.- Obfuscated (protection against cracking)

Those 3 things make the program be detected by many antivirus, but being detected does not mean that it actually is, it only means that its possible that its a virus, so the AV by default prefers to detect it and avoid problems to his customers.

On computing is impossible to create a program which detects with a 100% assurance if another program is a virus as you can study on computability, specifically on Rice's theorem. Thats why the antivirus programs include an option to exclude certains programs/folders to be scanned, because they cannot guarantee you that their detection is true.


In conclusion, if you dont know how to bypass the Antivirus (to add to exception) for some of our products, you need to delete the Antivirus.
AVAST and AVG mostly they block everything and its harder to add to exception, you can install AVIRA FREE (its a very good AV).
You may search on google for more informations.

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Re: Why some of our products is detected by Antivirus ?? but SAFE

Posted: 29 Aug 2019, 11:40
by admin
Read here how to DISABLE DEFENDER in Windows 10.