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Forum rules

Noutati / Reguli
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Forum rules

Post by admin » 16 Jul 2017, 17:11

As the community grow and although I promised here is an open forum, no obligations. But some people resort to inappropriate behavior so I am forced to make some rules, not many.

1. Do not offend another user on this forum
2. Do not use vulgar words, cursing
3. Try to be more on-topic (no sanction for this point, but just keep the forum cleaner)
4. Do not use spam for some advertising (virus in the worst case)
5. It is forbidden to use links that lead to other viruses
6. No external links to other resellers
7. Racism is forbidden
8. You are not allowed to post another bots/autolock .. if break this rule start from warn 2 (another scripts or tools allowed) (except underground member)

Note. Every user will be banned as folow:
1 warn - no ban, only attention
2 warn - 1 day ban
3 warn - 7 day ban
4 warn - 2 weeks ban
5 warn - 1 month ban
6 warn - permanent ban

There are very few basic rules, if it will take you and others in addition to change without notice.

I note that for points 1, 2, 4, 5 I will punish them by gravity.

Translated to english from romanian from this post


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