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[How to] Mark the no-click zones correct in BOT avoid going in radiation

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[How to] Mark the no-click zones correct in BOT avoid going in radiation

Post by admin » 07 Jun 2018, 22:04

In order to avoid opening menus, going in radiation, canceling missions, using emps or whatelse you have in your ammo bar
You need to set the noclick zone correct.

1. I put more there in case events appear from darkorbit, new buttons will come.. so think in future.
2. If you have open missions, upon each refresh the mission tab will be reopened by darkorbit, so you need to mark it.
3. See that line, its the finish of mission tab, but I mark more than the mission tab.
And I mark more at all buttons, menus, and ammo tabs.. its better to mark a bit more to avoid clicking the buttons.

4 (bonus), mark the minimap or close it, the bot works with minimap closed (to avoid going in radiation)

See the image

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