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Safebotting recommendations

usefull informations to help you
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Safebotting recommendations

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Good day everyone,

in the past months we saw several people which use their bot 24/7 without breaks. We want you to know, that this is not safe to do.
If you bot 24/7 you could be banned by Bigpoint because it impossible for humans to play that long without sleeping for example.

With our new experimental build (647) we will implement 2 new security features to be even more safe with DOB.

- 1: Timetable safety - Random login times
- 2: Humans behaviour - Random breaks

We highly recommend to use those features!

Since alot users asked us for our recommendations, here are some more things you should take care off:

- 16 hours maximum botting time per day
- Breaks between that 16 hours
- A "realistic" sleeping break
- Map changes (Shuffle between maps)
- Change your timetable every week

We hope you will follow our recommendations and use these features.

Stay safe!

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