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This product dont have trial version because security reasons. You can buy and try it, if you dont like it you can ask for refund in maximum 48 hours since purchase.

There is no download until the payment is done. Licenses are bind to Vertex page account, which you need to register it.

Dependencies Requirements:

Windows 7 and above (64-bit), at least 4GB of RAM and a decent computer.

Necessary windows files:

C++ Redistributable 2015-2019 (x64)

You need to download the latest version of Flash for Opera and Chromium (PPAPI), for Internet Explorer (ActiveX), for Firefox (NPAPI) from here.

Supported browser only 64bit: Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Browser settings:

For Chrome & Opera users:

   • Open the tool

   • Select Chrome or Opera from tool Settings -> Other

   • Press "Open" to launch the browser

Firefox users: (only first run need to do this)

   • Open the tool as administrator

   • Launch Firefox from tool Settings -> Other

   • Restart Firefox

   • Close Firefox and then close the tool

   • Reopen the tool (no admin needed anymore), launch Firefox from tool Settings -> Other

How to use:

1. Open your favourite browser via tool

2. Login to your darkorbit account

3. Open up the Darkorbit map, START

4. Now click INJECT in the tool before loading the map ingame (the rocket in the topleft, near sticky button)

5. Place the game's minimap where you want it to be, then click in the middle of darkorbit minimap.

6. Place the tool's minimap on top of darkorbit minimap or where you wish (dont close the darkorbit minimap!).

7. Configure the tool according to your preferences what to do, resize and position etc.

8. If you play with zoom in your browser, make sure you set the exact zoom % in tool too.

9. The tool is now ready to use!

MORE important TUTORIALShere.

If you encounter another problems use our forum. And make sure you have read FAQ section.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to start Vertex BOT for DarkOrbit (choose Fullscreen and FullHD)