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You can try the free version of Pixel-Bot Palladium to see how this bot can work.

It's actually designed and most effective for shooting on X-8 maps for advanced players and shooting on X-1, X-2 maps for startup accounts but can be used for shooting ( not so effective for now ) on all others maps too.

Of course, the collecting of bonus boxes works on all maps!

Important Requirements:

• Fast internet and a good computer because darkorbit can be laggy.

Operating system Windows 7 and Windows 10

• Your DEFAULT typing language of your computer must be ENGLISH ! ( work after restarting pc )

Browser - Google Chrome (or any Chrome based browser, like Iron & Comodo)

• Set to 2D Mode in darkorbit settings

• Set the "Min/max all windows" to be "H" (by default) in darkorbit settings

• At least one of your configurations must to have shields on it

How to start:

1. Open your DO account with Chrome.

2. Go to hangar screen and choose the ship which will use and start the game map.

3. Install/open the bot, put your real email and make all required settings in the bot menu if necessary.

3. Start the bot ( Main Menu ) and use the AUTO-GAME settings for the first run. (While you are logged in darkorbit map)

4. Choose munitions.

5. You need to do “SELECT Main Screen”. - Where it will scan for NPC/boxes, so dont select the menus/buttons from darkorbit.

6. You need to do “SELECT Circling area”. - Select the area on the mini-map which the bot will circling. Better not over bases/portals.

7. You need to do “SELECT Repair point”.  - This optional but highly recommended!

8. If you select “Use the Repair Point” the bot will go there to refill his life and will escape from enemy.

9. Decide what and how REVIVE.

10. And other personalized settings you may want to use.

11. Now you can press "Tab" to start the bot, PgDown to pause, Esc to exit

12. The bot will hide all darkorbit menus, and reopen by itself, this is the process when will start.

13. It is better to watch the video tutorial down here if you cant handle this bot.

If you encounter another problems use our forum. And make sure you have read FAQ section.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to start pixel bot BoX8 by palavia DarkOrbit (choose Fullscreen and FullHD)