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Before all, if bots/tools are not working, check manually in game to see if darkorbit works, check all the time the website to see if new version are available, and always check the STATUS from our website or within bot/tool software.

Q: How I start / run Vertex BOT ?

A: Follow the steps from this link.

Q: How I buy a license for Vertex BOT ?

A: Very simple, follow the steps from this link.

Q: How I move a license for Vertex BOT ?

A: You have unlimited moves, just use the same Authentication key, and copy paste it on new computer. Works with one computer in same time if 1 Session license.

Q: How do I start multiple accounts with 2 or 4 Session license ?

A: You need to install Vertex Bot in different folder for each separate darkorbit account and run it separately.

Or you can run on multiple computers, or share with your friends. (do not share your vertex account page, only the auth key)

Q: What happens if I buy new license but the current one it`s not over ?

A: You need to wait until current license expire. You can also activate it on a new vertex account, but please remember the user and password. The time on a new license dont run off until you activate it.

Q: How do I upgrade my current license ?

A: Currently you cannot upgrade your license, you need to wait until license expire in order to buy another type of license.

So if you have 1 Session license, you cannot upgrade to 2 Session or 4 Session, you need to wait until expire.

Q: I cannot activate license, give error: * Invalid license key ?

A: You mistype the license, make sure you copy paste without spaces and write correctly.

Q: It gives me error “Failed to verify files” ?

A: Your antivirus delete bot files. Make a new folder, add this folder to exception in your antivirus, restart Windows, now reinstall the bot on the new folder which you made and added to exception. More info about this here.

Q: It gives me error about qt5core.dll not installed ?

A: Please install the necesarry files according to how to instructions.

Q: Why is the bot stuck on Calendar Loading page ?

A: First make sure auto-start is set on Darkorbit game settings. Delete the folder CACHE from resources folder. If still not works, contact bigpoint to fix their server. The bot uses a chromium based browser, nothing special.

Q: Why the bot goes in state "OFFLINE" and show message in bot "The bot is currently offline and will stay so until an update arrives." ?

A: All the time when Darkorbit client version is updated, the bot is offline until we update the bot. This is mandatory and expect happens at least once / week (never more than 5 times / week). Check our website for updates, usually 2-6 hours until update is complete, but sometimes can take also 24-120 hours (or more) depends on how much we need to investigate before release a new version for your safety.

Q: What happens with the license time when bot is OFFLINE ?

A: All the time while the bot is offline, it will be added back to your license. We always compensate even more than you loose. You can check this in your Vertex account page under “Profile” link.

Q: Why the bot "still running while the bot is OFFLINE" ?

A: If you dont stop your bot, or connect to map manually, the bot is fine to run, because he will use the old client version from darkorbit, which is fine and safe because same thing can happen if you play in browser.

Q: Why after a time the bot "collect less uridium from boxes" ?

A: Learn the game darkorbit before use our bot, there is a cooldown for boxes, if you only keep collecting boxes without breaks / killing npc instead, you will get very low uridium. Also read more about Diminishing Returns.

In order to restore cooldown, just dont collect boxes for few days. Read more about this on Darkorbit forums.

Q: Is the bot "compatible with MAC OS or LINUX" ?

A: No. You can try with virtual machine emulator Oracle VM VirtualBox (free), download the bot and see if you can open it.

If still not working, you can use our bot services so you dont need anymore the bot or the license.

Q: What bugs does this bot have ?

A: Check the link over here.

Q: Got a new question / problem ?

A: Contact us, this FAQ will be updated. You may check also the forum !