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DOB build 656:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * 'Limit FPS' settings will now be saved proper

  * fix for rare bot client crash


DOB build 652:

   - Updated to latest DO Client

   - flee from police ships (and most likely moderator accounts as well)


DOB build 651:

   - Updated to latest DO Client

   - Improved avoidance of ClanBases when Traveling or Fleeing to safety


DOB build 650:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 648:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 647:

   * added SafeBotting features:

       - Human breaks like Toilet, Coffee and small AFK breaks (will flee to safety, will not work on battle map)

       - Mini break like texting a friend (will not flee to safety)

       - Breaks can be disabled for GG

       - TimeTable can be set to a random offset


DOB build 646:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 645:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 642:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 641:

  * Now avoiding enemy clan bases


DOB build 637:

  * Updated 2x to latest DO Client


DOB build 636:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 635:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * fixed a login/add account problem


DOB build 634:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * re-added Acc Summary Button (where stats button was earlier)


DOB build 633:

  * fixed game login with turkish IP's


DOB build 632:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 631:

  * fix for 2 possible process crashes, one related to rang point calculation


DOB build 630:

   - reworked StatsButton: Is now a single MainMenu Button for all sessions. Careful: TimeTable Button was moved a bit!

   + added Colorblind Setting (is only applied after restart)


DOB build 629:

   - improved readability of the Hitpoints/Shields of new GUI

   - fixed RP stats calculation bug


DOB build 628:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 627:

  * fix for "red cross" orbit problem

  * ping bar visible again


DOB build 626:

  * fixes for possible orbit panel display issues

  * fixes for possible bot process crashes


DOB build 624:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * reworked the Orbit Panel

  * reworked the Stats Panel (can be cycled through OnlyStats, OnlyGraph, Both and None by left-/rightclicking the Stats Button in each Orbit Panel, left bottom corner)

  + added Flee-All-Accounts Button (Top Menu)

  * fixed a small issue when reconnecting after lag/death

  * added a few localized messages; will no longer double output on known messages

  * re-added the Damage based Cancelling of npc hunting

  * fixed a possible bug on safety double jumps

  * logic fixes for 'Draining Shield formations'

   * revised Main Settings Form

  * ~3 crash fixes

Hotfixed DOB-Client 625 is out


  * hotfix


DOB build 620:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 618:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 617:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 616:

   * fixed a few crashes

   * will now collect crafting boxes more aggresively while hunting


Palavia pixel-bot palladium updated:

• minor fixes

• improvement in collecting palladium


Palavia pixel-bot palladium updated:

• a fix for warp menu when open (DO close it sometimes or lag) .. found in 5-2


Palavia pixel-bot palladium updated:

• fixed error not find ammo (mostly when repair on spot)

• fixed selecting hangars (mostly when sell)


DOB build 615:

   * Updated to latest DO Client

   * fixed a crash with TimeTable

   * fixed a crash related to Stop on DeathCount

   * fixed a crash related to Hunting


DOB build 612:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


Palavia pixel-bot palladium updated the new warp menu from DO.


DOB build 608:

* Updated to latest DO Client (again!)

+ added missing Uber Npcs to 4-5 (please test)

+ added Job-100, Rb-214 Ammo (please test)

+ added WhiteList(Friendly Players List):

Find it in Account Settings at the very bottom. Add UIDs of friendly Players to the list, one UID per line. Those players will not be fled from (unless they attack). If players on the list kill you, they will NOT be removed from the list.

* SpecialBoxes (like Aurus Box) will always be picked up. You can no longer prevent it in settings. This is to avoid confusion about it. (This does not apply to Crafting Boxes!)

* HybridAlloyBox moved from SpecialBoxes to CraftingBoxes

Experimental Build 610:

- removed Blacklisting of Npcs when they are not being damaged. This is to test if the problem of "invulnerable Npcs" still exists and how it can be reproduced (please report if you find invulnerable npcs, provide logs!)


Palavia pixel-bot palladium is offline due BP today visual update, so:

* repair in 5-2 not work

* repair in 5-3 hangar not work

* repair on spot WORKS.


DOB build 601:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * fixed a possible bot client process crash


DOB build 600:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * minor fixes


DOB build 597:

  * Hotfix for the jump bug


DOB build 596:

  * Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 595:

  * updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 594:

* Updated to latest DO Client

* changed pirate booty keys max value to 10k (from 100)

+ Checkbox "collect crafting boxes" for every Galaxy Gate


New Experimental build 593 is out!

* P.E.T. AI rework (cargo trading)

* Spektrum ship skill will be triggered earlier than before

* fixed 2 possible DOB process crashes


Palavia pixel-bot premium:

* just got an update, improved

27.04.2017 8PM

DOB build 592:

* Updated to latest DO Client

27.04.2017 8AM

DOB build 590:

* Updated to latest DO Client

24.04.2017 18 PM to 27.04.2017 8AM.

DOB was offline due BP update

* there are some code changes we need to look at precisely. This takes longer than expected.

We got some code changes that need further investigation and testing.


DOB build 588:

* Updated to latest DO Client

+ every Account now has a Setting "Stop Bot after X deaths". This is a safety switch. If in any session the bot dies more often than the supplied value, TimeTable will no longer run the Account until the User logged in himself. This Setting is On by default, and set to 50 deaths. If the session logs off normally, the counter will reset.

* Leonov ship will circle 150 ingame units closer to the npcs to properly utilize Rockets. Let me know if that's too little or too much.

* fixed a problem where the bot would be stuck in base after GG (if it still occurs, let me know)


DOB build 587:

* Updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 585:

* Updated to latest DO Client

* fixed new PlagueEvent logic: You can now select the EventNpcs on the normal Npcs list(Plagued, Blighted). You can set Ammo, RocketAmmo, etc. just like for normal Npcs. EventBoxes will be gathered as long as "Collect Boxes" is checked in the MapProfile

* removed the "Do Easter Event" from MapProfile, that event is done. (IEgg, etc)

* adapted the Hunting/Gathering Boxes logic to fit the PlagueEvent.


DOB build 584:

* updated to latest DO Client

* added blighted NPCs

* will now circle event Npc properly

* will repair FleeingFormation on startup (not just the current formation)

+ added RocketAmmo for 'event' Npcs (select "None" in rocket ammo if needed)


DOB build 581:

* updated to latest DO Client

* reduced Mordon GG Range a slight bit

* fix 'for SID to clipboard' function

* fix for 2 potencial bot crashes



  * delete old and obsolete products from website

  * mostly reworked all content from website

DOB build 579:

  * updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 577:

  * updated to latest DO Client

DOB experimental 578:

  * finally fixed HSTRM bug. Will only use Eco10 in rocketlauncher.


DOB build 576:

  * updated to latest DO Client


DOB build 575:

  * updated to latest DO Client

build 574:

  * updated to latest DO Client

build 573:

  * fixed a bug where we could get lost on an enemy map while performing a double jump

  * fixed a bug where repair in corner of GG would not finish when we had Moth or Wheel formation selected

build 570:

  * hotfix for the Delete Button

build 569:

  * optimized the GUI performance, and added some missing ToolTips and other cosmetic fixes and improvements

  * fixed the problem with the "d" Key. [i]If you had this problem, deactivate the AutoStart in the Botsettings of this version, restart the Bot, and then reactivate the AutoStart.[/i]

  + added Delete button for Profiles!

  + when adding an Account, you can now select an existing Profile to use apply to it!

  + added new and better Example/Default Profiles (removed the old ones)

  * added 5 seconds cooldown to cloaking

  * Hitac NPC will be avoided so we don't get uncloaked by it

  * fixed the priority of the SpecialEventBoxes over the BonusBoxes

  * fixed a lot of possible crashes

build 565:

  * updated to latest DO Client

build 564:

  * updated to latest DO Client

  * Bot Profiles -> Collect Boxes has now a sub menu to select more specific gathering settings (BonusBoxes,CargoBoxes,CraftingBoxes)

  * minor performance tweaks

  * crash fix (introduced in build 560-563)

  * possible reconnect issue fix

build 563:

  * removed "Invalid laserActivationTryCount" warning/debug spam. It's no longer needed!

build 562:

  * fixed strange behaviour related to Easter boxes

  * bot will collect the Easter boxes independent of other boxes

  * you can now set Ammo for Easter Event

build 560:

  * updated to latest DO Client

  * added Easter Event (it's added to options in MapProfile. Default is off, as it will prevent you from using cloak device)

  * fixed a small reconnection problem when getting killed

build 559:

  * increased Lordakium circling range

  * polished the jump between maps.

  * refactored some of the box collection code.

build 558:

  * cleaned up GUI colors

  * fixed GGRange bug (problems in GG corners)

  * fixed GGRepair bug (problems in GG circling)

  * fixed a problem where HSTRM ammo could be wasted while ECO10 was selected

  * fixed log spam of Easter npcs

  * fixed a problem where FleeToSafety on BattleMaps would not always work, resulting in "Bot stuck" (please test this, might contain bugs)

  * removed Campfire button for silver and gold users (to avoid confusion about it)

  * removed Observer button for silver users (to avoid confusion about it)

build 557:

  * updated to latest DO version

  * fixed a few UI layout problems in MapProfiles.

  * made AutoRocketCPU and AutoRocketLauncherCPU states less dominant

build 555:

  * Updated to latest DO version

build 549:

   * updated to latest DO version

build 545:

  * updated to latest DO version

  * fix on switching server instances (this does affect all login gateways)

  * minor GUI color and layout changes

  + added "GeckoFX" (Firefox branch) as second option beside the standard Internet Explorer

  * better error handling on file download & gecko startup

  * readded "hangar", and "join action" buttons

  * Venom ability will now be used on any NPC with >= 600k current hitpoints instead only on boss and uber NPCs


New experimental build 543 is out:

* minor GUI color changes

* better error handling on file download & gecko startup


New experimental build 540 is out:

* fix on switching server instances (this does affect all login gateways)

+ added "GeckoFX" (Firefox branch) as second option beside the standard Internet Explorer**

* some minor color changes

**1 in order to use GeckoFX select "use GeckoFX instead of IE" in the main bot settings. It will be downloaded on the first run.


New experimental build 533 is out:

* readded "hangar", and "join action" buttons

* Venom ability will now be used on any NPC with >= 600k current hitpoints instead only on boss and uber NPCs


DOB build 529:

  * minor backpage interaction changes

  * implemented todays backpage changes (we might still have problems on switching server instances and gamehero int1 portal login)


DOB build 525:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * fixed a possible crash on bot client startup


DOB build 523:

 * Updated to latest DO Client

* 24 hours of compensation time booked on all active licenses.


DOB build 520:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * Bifenon can now be collected when 2D client is set

  * adapted bot client to https changes

* 4 hours of compensation time booked on all active licenses.


DOB build 519:

  * fix for "Hero standing still / Reconnect after 2s" problem

  * added shipdesigns for decom, yamato and nostromo

  * backpage in international servers will now be opened in the language of the OperatingSystem


Now you can buy DOB with Bank Transfer or Western Union at the same official prices like paypal.

(**as long you check to pay the fee of bank or western (minimal), Silver 3days license not available)


DOB build 516:

* Updated to latest DO Client

* hero ship will gather Bifenon

DOB All versions, official launch at 01.01.2017

build 513:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * fixed MapProfile Hunt spacing to properly show all Npcs

build 512:

  * fixed two crashes that were reported on the Forum (Boxclick, ExternalException)

  * enabled ShipAbilities on BattleMaps

  * fixed PetFuelBuy in GG

  * fixed a relog redirect properly triggering a backpage relog

build 511:

  * Hero can now change the GGProfile to the GG he is in.

     This will solve "wrong Ammo bugs" and possibly some other glitches!

build 510:

  * fixed PET AutoLooter usage in GG

  * fixed GG Finish DroneFormation bug when there were CraftingBoxes around

  * improved usability of Boxing options

  * increased maximum memory time of Attackers to 60 minutes

This build will reset your box and fleeing settings in profiles!

build 509:

  * Added Flee options (you can now choose if you want to flee at all, and for how long you want to flee or remember attackers)

  * Added Boxing options (choose to collect Boxes at all, and choose which ones to collect)

  * Added PET options to GG (AutoLooter, GuardMode, CargoTrader for now)

This build will reset your pet settings in profiles!

build 506:

  * GG: will ignore NPCs in GG if the Gates are already open (countermeasure against ghost npcs)

  * GG: added NPCs counter that shows how many NPCs are currently alive

  * PET: you can now enable/disable certain modes on MapProfiles. If this works fine, we can soon add PET modes for GG

  * Hunt: Hero will emphasize circling a little bit more. (some users reported bad circling behaviour)

  * removed BP Portal option from AddAccount (it's not supported)

build 505:

  * updated to latest DO Client

  * fixed two crashes that were reported on the Forum

  * fixed BattleMap FleeFromEnemy falsely triggering for far away enemies after having been shot

  * fixed BATTLESTATION problem in Equipment

build 502:

  * Updated to latest DO Client

  * will not Repair on enemy maps (no more stuck @ portal when repairing)

  * added Sentinel ability to Fleeing from Enemy

  * added Solace ability to Fleeing from Enemy and to repairing in GG

  * BattleMaps: will not fly into radiation zone.

  * BattleMaps: Will only flee from attackers, if "Flee on sight" is not checked.

build 499:

  * updated to latest DO client version

  + Diminisher Weaken Shields (will be used on boss or uber Npcs while hunting or in a GG)

  + Venom DOT (will be used on boss or uber Npcs while hunting or in a GG)

  + Tartarus perma speed boost (will be kept active as long as we don't fight against boss or uber Npcs while hunting)

build 498:

  * GG: fixed Profile scheduling after leaving gate (will not jump in again)

  * GG: fixed Wave 0 Profile spam

  * EE/h will now properly be displayed (it was stuck at 0 EE/h)

build 497:

  * homepage language will be english on int* server instances instead of german

  * the amount of gathered gate energy should now be displayed correctly

  * we will now stay in the base after gates and logout, instead of flying to the next jumpgate if nothing else is set to do

  * gentle try on fixing "flying into radiation zone on battle maps"

build 496:

  * updated to latest DO client

  * selling Cargo will keep an eye out for Laser and Rocket settings aswell.

  * we will now respect the NAZ on x-8 while hunting

  * added Icy and IceMeteoroid to blacklist/avoidlist

build 495:

  * fix for skylab laser/rocket resource send

Ship abilities (used while fleeing from enemy):

  + Spearhead Cloak (only if we are already cloaked and the enemy clearly has no friendly intentions - but has not locked us yet!)

  + Spearhead JamX (if attacker is tartarus ship)

  + Spectrum (if hitpoints <90% [getting attacked])

build 493:

* map 4-5 flee hotfix

build 491:

  * added a BattleMapRepairState

  * improved Hunt logic on 4-5 Map

  * BattleMapFleeToSafety won't be cancelled by npc damage anymore

build 490:

  + added a lot of debug logging that will be added to the logfiles (not to the GUI log)

  + added BattleMap support (FleeToSafety for TimeTable Logout, FleeFromEnemy)

  + added Blacklisting for invulnerable NPCs that is based on time (10 seconds after activating laser)

  * enabled Lordakium, BossLordakium and BossDevolarium for Hunting

  * FleeFromEnemy is now deactivated on enemy maps (we shouldn't end up there very often anyhow, mostly when FleeToSafety on BattleMap triggers)

  * MouseHoverInfo will not show if we have ShipNames permanently enabled

build 488:

  * fixed a bug where Hero would waste RocketLauncher ammo that was not ECO10.

  + added Laser and Rocket boost-via-skylab options to the accounts tab. Resources are restricted to promerium and seprom.

  * restructured the AccountSettings Tab

build 487:

* fixed a frequent GUI-related crash

build 486:

   * reworked HTML login on the DO backpage to be more flexible

build 485:

   * fixed Protegit (GG last wave) problem

   * GG Portal will be re-opened after finishing the first one

   * enabling a Wave in GG will apply selected DefaultWeapons to it

   * added some logging to GGLogic that will tell us why Hero decided to do the next wave

   * Hero will open PermafrostFissure Gate if he has it selected in the BotProfile (as long as there are CPU charges and the Gate is not set up).

   * fixed possible crash when Hero was killed

   * fixed possible crash in GUI when showing log

build 482:

   * added "" login gateway

build 481:


   * fix for techlab buff item construction

Orbit panel:

   + right click on the "open hangar in browser" icon will copy the session SID to the clipboard

   + right click on the "open orbit in browser" icon will copy the hero UID to the clipboard

Bot - Main Settings:

   + added "show NPC/ Player names" option

build 478:

* Formation will now be changed before Config

* Fix for PET

* Added TechLab

build 475:

* increased Memory Range and Time for Aurus Boxes

* portal login fix (if you have trouble with previous entered gamehero accounts now, please delete and re-add them to the accounts list)

build 474:

*  GG Corner logic polished a little bit

* Npcs found in the GG will now be saved as the current wave, overriding the backpage information.

=> This is probably a fix for all lost GG lives where the bot went in to lose all lives in quick succession.

=> This is pobably also a fix for GG problems where bot didn't leave the gate even if the profile told im to.

build 469:

* UFO repair code is now a bit better, will re-pick a good spot for fighting in the corner and in general be smarter about how much and where to move when repairing in the corner

* I think I finally fixed the invulnerable NPC problem! This problem could occur on normal maps and in GG (was a logic problem)! Please let me know if it happens again.

build 468:

* fix for repairing configs if one or more configs don't have any shields at all. (fix for stuck in repair problem)

build 467:

* fix for Hero not properly engaging StreunerRocketeers in Permafrost.

build 465:

* rewrote some of the logic for repairing configs. Added a lot of logging entries, so we can know what's going on.

* changed some of the special UFO and StreunerRocketeer logics to only apply when we have them selected. This might cause new problems, but resolve old problems.

build 464:

* Fixed a problem where Hero could not properly repair both configs and was stuck trying to repair them.

build 463:

* Fixed RocketLauncherCPU and RocketCPU activation/deactivation

* Rockets now have the correct ordering of strength in the GUI

* Bot will always log the correctly used ammunition (this was a display bug)

build 461

* added some special code for UFO: re-enabled the possibility to repair: Hero will fly far away and try to repair there, if he is getting damaged too much in the corner.

* increased UberMordon kiting range

* small tweaks to selection and movement behaviour in the corners of GG

* fixed the bot getting stuck on x-1 after failing the PermafrostGate (could happen sometimes)

build 460:

* made special case for repairing from Rocketeers: the seeker rockets have much higher range than normal npc's lasers and we are just being shot down otherwise.

+ added config refilling when repairing damage in GG

* Invalidation on "dancing" npcs (StreunerRocketeers) now only if they are out of SelectionRange, not out of LaserRange (this caused problems with Npcs in corners. Somehow.)

build 459:

* Hotfix for UFO in corners. Will not try to repair or try to back off as long as it is selected.

* Bot will properly Logout when Permafrost Gate is done and there is nothing else to do.

* added some ship designs. If you see more red color in the debug log with ship designs, please let us know. We will add them aswell.

build 457:

* fixes for reconnection / relog problems. Please test this build if you have problems with this!

* fixed for Permafrost Gate: will completely ignore seeker rockets, changed some values to make Hero properly repair. You need at least FE ship for this gate.

build 456:

* fixed crash

build 455:

* Permafrost UFO box added

build 454

*Updated to latest DO Client

* FleeFromEnemy: Players that dealt damage to us will be remembered for 5 minutes now (up from 1 minute). Also, they will be considered dangerous even if they are not moving, so "Camping at the Gate" is no longer valuable for them.

* partially handling the Permafrost Gate.

* Quickslot bar fix

* FreeCargo calculation fix

* Small fixes to PET usage.

build 452

* updated to latest darkorbit version

* fixed crashes

* now choosing flying formation for repair

* GG Corner logic should be more efficient for FE Accounts

* probably fixes for PET not relaunching

* now handling enemy clan stations better

build 450:

* Cargo sell changed to also factor in if we actually "need" promerium and seprom. Will also just sell it otherwise.

* will not switch back to 2nd config needlessly anymore

* no more "can't keep up" info log spam

* fix for reconnecting to game server instances

* fixed Configurations for GG

build 448

* Updated to latest game client

* Added [b]config settings[/b]:

* you can now specify configs to use for flying, fleeing and attacking!

* for now, if the hero is fleeing, but the fleeing config has its shield depleted, it will switch to the other config as long as the other config has shields equipped (this will be optional in the future!)

* fixed more problems with collecting crafting boxes in GG

* Corner logic in GG's was updated to be dynamic. The hero will now try to find a place where it can damage the NPC's and not take damage from them dynamically. Should fix problems with GG corners!

* fixed minor visual bug with GG Settings wave tooltips

build 445

* Updated DOB to DOC v.10.0.4875

Galaxy Gates:

* Will actually try to gather Crafting materials before shooting all npcs (still: as far as the npcs are not in range)

build 444

* fixed TravelSystem problems:

- EnemyMaps will now be avoided if possible.

- Will now always take the absolute shortest path to a map.

* reconnecting after 5 minutes if GameServer does not continue the connection properly (fix for 5:30 server restart problems)

* fixed possible random crash: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." (Nullreference)

* GG:

- fixed Corner problem

- fixed "no movement" problem

- decreased range for Kristallon by 20

- decreased range for Sibelon by 10

- decreased range for Mordon by 10

- increased range for Saimon by 10

* Hunt:

- Kristallin will not be avoided as much for now (factor went down from 1.0 -> 0.7) [b]Please test this change and report if the problem is still as bad when circling Kristallons on x-7 Map.[/b]

- Reduced circling ranges[b] in general[/b] and [b]even more for Saimon, Mordon and Devolarium[/b]. [b]Please test.[/b]

* FleeFromEnemy:

- hopefully fixed possible crash: "Nullable object must have a value."

build 441

* GG CornerLogic: will try to look for a better spot more quickly (down from 10 to 2 seconds cooldown)

* DefaultWeapons for MapProfiles: fixed an ugly bug where Profiles would get really big after some time due to duplicate default weapon entries. Fixed the problem, and also existing profiles will be cleaned from duplicate entries on load.

* FleeFromEnemy: Now also considers ClanWar players as Enemies (not on x-2 though), and also players from our faction that damage us as Enemies, for 1 minute.

* Fixed problem with Hero shooting NPCs of other players

* Fixed problems with reconnecting to game server

* Fixed a problem with loading equipment ("Nullable object must have a value.")

* Fixed Uber-Npcs

* EE/h will be shown on Orbit QuickStats

build 440

* added asia 1 server

* minor changes

build 439

* fixes for DefaultWeapons in MapProfiles (LCB-10 didn't show up for existing profiles)

* fixed missing NPCs on 2-2 and 3-2 maps

build 438

* added DefaultWeapons to MapProfiles. You can now change all used weapons on a map with single clicks.

You may want to backup your existing profiles in the \profiles_new\bot\ folder before you actually use it, it may contain bugs. We tested a lot and it should be fine though. Please test! Report bugs!

* reworked the AutoStart feature for windows startup. Any registry entries will be removed - instead there will be a shortcut in the StartMenu if you chose to let the bot start with windows.

build 436

*  adjusted RocketCpu and RocketLauncherCpu cooldowns so we properly wait for activation/deactivation

build 435

* fix for Mordon and Kristallon range

* fixed a possible bot process crash

build 432

* Accountname will not be spoiled in streamer mode anymore when logging in on the ingame map

* will now properly activate and deactivate rocket- and rocketlauncherautocpu

* fixed a bug with travelling and the profile system

* fixed many bugs with the rocketlauncher.

* now selecting the correct ammo if we have rocketlauncherautocpu on the ship

* HP and shield values will now also be shown when the session is not maximized

* changed hunting: cooldown between NPCs is now more human like

build 431

* Hunting is more relaxed on x-2 maps (after changes made to higher NPCs messed with that)

GG Generator:

* Fixed Hades and Kuiper

* Spin cooldown from 150s to 30s, will spend a lot more EE now

* Removed Kuiper from MapProfile options as it is not supported yet

* Deactivating Hunting now properly shows that all NPCs are deselected in MapProfile

* Fixed Login/AddAccount for Turkish IP adresses

* Fixed CloakBuy logic, will properly cloak

* LoadEquipment will now run every 10 Minutes, but will be forced to run after Hero dies, to properly re-read Drone damage and repair them if needed.

build 420

* hotfix for getting stuck on npcs

build 419

* Hunting: changed the AI again, to hopefully not get stuck out of range of NPCs

* GG: Hero will no longer "dance" in the corners.

* GG: Will reload GGInfo if we die => Hero will not mistakenly go into Gate with only 1 Life left.

* FleeFromEnemy:

- Hero will run "over the Gate" when doing the double-jump and not stop on the Gate.

- Reduced normal flee duration to 3-8 seconds

- If we are targeted by laser, we will flee for 20-60 seconds.

* Starting from a Gateway, the Hero will not always go "left" or "right", but will now choose other directions aswell

* Fixed turkish IPs / logins

build 418

* FleeFromEnemyState: will NOT double-jump back to enemy maps, we will lose NAZ there and be shot again.

* Repair is now forbidden on enemy maps if we are not in NAZ! Bot will jump back to his home map if he got shot on enemy map, instead of repairing there and dieing over and over.

* RepairState and FleeFromEnemyState will set default drone formation before trying to repair the shields, because Moth and Wheel formation do drain shields and will cause a softlock.

* Collecting Boxes will look more realistic now!

build 417

* fixed fleeing behaviour (will not be stuck if you uncheck flee from enemy!)

* improved fleeing behaviour, will not double jump if we are already in NAZ

* will always go for nearest box if no other players are near

* fixed travelling problem when GG- and MapProfile were both viable

* fixed BuyCloak, BuyPetFuel

build 416

* using DroneFormations again.

* [b]changed HuntNpc AI[/b] => should look a lot smoother now! (please test if Hero gets stuck in clouds of Npcs)

* [b]fixed fleeing logic on x-8[/b] (flee to safety properly will consider base as safe)

* improved travelling AI

* improved PET CargoTrading

* preventing any Exceptions when trying to join the game or opening hangar

build 414

* using DroneFormations again.

build 413

* fixes for PET Cargo Trader

* fleeing is now an option on MapSettings. Setting it to false will make the bot flee after he gets shot for some amount of damage (about 5%), instead of fleeing on sight.

* fixes for reconnection on Orbit

* fixes for PetFuelBuy and CloakBuy

* Hero will not try to shoot NPCs that are tagged by others

* Hero will go aggressively after fleeing NPCs (will not lose time to circle)

* Hero will move out of Gates and generally stay further away from Gateways (no more idling in center)

* Hero will properly logout when pressing stop (manual or timetable)

* Hero will use flying formation when repairing (instead of fleeing)

* PET will not use GuardMode anymore

* fixed performance in hunting

* fixed bug preventing closing the bot correctly

build 409

* fixed Ammo / Rocket selection

* bot will leave GG / not enter GG based on GGProfile settings

* fixed problems when saving Profiles (in GG and when editing Profile that is used by more than one account)

build 406

* fixed FAQ link in the AboutBox

* fixed MASQUE boxes

build 405

* minor text changes


Dear customers,

Currently we test a payment with PSC.

20.02.2017 New prices check on website.



Dear customers,

We have activated again multiple payments type, except paysafecard. Hope soon we will have it.

If you have a local ticket payment or something else that we dont support, write us to see if we can solve it for you.



Dear customers,

We have updated palavia pixel bot palladium:

• repair from hangar 5-3 → WORK

• repair from hangar 5-2 base → WORK

If you encounter any problem, contact us.


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