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kerkava - best autolock tool / invisible ships and many more for Darkorbit

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What is kerkava?

What kerkava can do?  → BEST FOR AUTOLOCK and BATTLE and now UNLIMITED license !!!!

- you can see invisible ships

- autolock (autoclick) ships, ships from same company, alien / npc

- replace CPU automatic repair (you release a slot for CPU on the ship)

- replace CPU diplomacy relationship (for example when you are premium, on minimap you can see with green those who are your ally, or when you have war with red)

- replace CPU AROL-X, automatically firing with rockets (you release a slot for CPU on the ship)

- show enemy on any map with a rectangle on the minimap (like in x-1)

- show in numbers the HitPoints / shield for enemy or aliens

- automatic switch on RSB every 3 seconds and back to selected ammunition, reaching for a maximum damage

- automatic switch on SAB lasers if enemy has shields

- automatically get in the aim once again after EMP

- automatically switches from rocket PLD-8 to selected rocket

- accounting diplomatic relations (group, NAP,alliance of, union, war), as alliances and NAP acts on clans from another corporations

- added Strike-Group Mode (kerkava via server gives order to all members of the group to start fire on first selected ship)

- collect palladium (attack back NPC and attack back SHIP !!! with what ammo you wish or rocket)

STEP 1) How to start/run kerkava ?

You can test our products for 24 hours to see how it works, download from main page, or click here.

Follow video and the steps from click here. (Please ignore if you already have account on control center)

If they are other problems you can check FAQ, click here.

STEP 2) How to configure kerkava:

Still not working?

Do this steps only if not working, to some people that dll don't exist and is not needed to do this anymore:

A) Open Google Chrome

Put in url: chrome://plugins

Press + Details on Plug-ins field

Find (or CTRL+F) pepflashplayer.dll, press disable (1 row down)

Close Chrome and reopen

Open kerkava and must work (in case is still not working, disable ROCKET-LAUNCHER CPU)

Se also video here

B) Firefox:

I) Windows XP

1. Download mms.zip from here

2. Search in and copy/overwrite downloaded file (mms.cfg):

- C:\Windows\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg

- C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg

II) Windows 7

1. Download mms.zip from here

2. Search in and copy/overwrite downloaded file (mms.cfg):

--> x32 bit



--> x64 bit


How to buy / activate license / move license ??

Click here to see all instruction for buying and methods of paying.

Instructions for activate/move a license, click here. (If payment is completed and you already sent to our mail all info needed, you will get the instruction how to activate the license, if not just use the link from this paragraph.)

Video demonstration: (maybe soon new video)

read...InformationInformationKerkava is a unique tool, allows you to gain advantage over normal players. In the enemy map, you can easily find the enemy, kerkava will show the enemy as a  red rectangle like in x-1 on minimap, so it will be easier for you to search them or to run from them when you kill some aliens in your map or uber map, it will be easier to distinguish red points from NPC / alien with a rectangle on the minimap are the enemy, so you know to retreat to non-attack zone. It shows in numbers the life or shield from any NPC / alien and ships, which allows time to decide what weapons to use on that. You can see the invisible players, easy distinguish from other ships, is displayed in yellow -= Invisible =- like titles. You should not bother anymore for clicking on ships / NPC / aliens or even from the same company, for example if you have war is not a problem for you, you can autolock them, otherwise during an attack can be selected to fire automatic RSB every 3 seconds and back to your ammunition selected on game.

IS 100% SAFE! Besides always get updates (updates can take sometimes even 1 year), this is not a cracked version. And it is not detectable at all.

read...InformationInformation- Run kerkava (from desktop and allow all)
- Start browser (best chrome)
- Configure kerkava what to do (find it on icon tray)
a) show invisible, self explained
b) include rocket-launcher CPU (free space slot on ship)
c) show HP/SHIELD from ship or npc
d) auto aim will auto lock nearest enemy, npc or your company if selected AUTOMATIC or manually press in map SHIFT+Z to autolock
e) auto fire will combine selected ammo in map (for example x4) + selected ammo in kerkava if selected AUTOMATIC if selected ON START FIRE will do the same but only when you hit CTRL