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Guide for best shopping and how fidelity is rewarded - DOB background bot

Guide for shopping,

To continuously bot without waiting or who knows what real life problem can interfere, we have made this guide.

Under “My licenses” menu you can always see when your license expire.

If you like the bot and want some more, the best time to buy is before 1-3 days the license expire, in this case you can activate the new license with no rush from both sides. The license will be extended if you add new license on the current one, you will not loose a single minute.

Make sure always when you buy to send an email with your payment and type of license so we can fast delivery the license to you, without asking more informations.


If you buy from us, bestbots.ro, your fidelity is rewarded, besides we have same prices like official and we love to offer support for each customer which have problem. Also we have promotion prices time to time (or holidays) and contests to win free licenses.

DOB Silver 30days license Fidelity reward,

If you buy only from us, bestbots.ro, you win a free license Silver 30days. This is not a contest, everyone win.

The rule is simple: be our customer for 1 year (12 months).

You dont need to buy directly for 12 months a license to win, you need to buy every month a license (any license minimum 30days).

We accept pause up to 5 days between months without buy, therefore you can loose the free license.

In other words that means you will buy the bot for 13.75 EUR / month (official 15 EUR, based on Silver license) if you are our customer.

To claim your free license contact us with the 12 payments, with the dates and type of license, if you dont have them please dont spam us.

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